Shuukan Idol – Buono! and LADYBABY Return, and More

Buono! 2016

This week we got the news that Buono! were making their comeback with a new release, as well as LADYBABY who will be returning as well … with some slight changes.

Also, new member for BiSH and more in this week’s top 5 highlights!


Buono! announce their comeback with a DVD single

Buono! has been one of those Hello! Project supergroups that fans adored, so seeing them announce their return with new music is nothing short of a delight. Welcome back Buono!

LADYBABY return from hiatus without Ladybeard

LADYBABY is back … kind of! With the announcement that Ladybeard will no longer part of the group will LADYBABY continue to have the unique charm it once had?

BiSH reveal new member: Ayuni D.

BiSH lost Hug Mii a while back, but it seems like we are finally getting a chance to see her replacement. Sure, we won’t be seeing her face until she debuts at the live but welcome to the group Ayuni D.!

Country Girls announce that Inaba Manaka has graduated

A while ago we mentioned that Inaba Manaka had been on hiatus due to her asthma, and sadly it seems like we have received word that she will no longer be part of Country Girls. There is however some hope for fans …

Fairies dance their way into our hearts in the MV for Cross Road

Fairies being a new generation with their latest single Cross Road. Sure, the MV is a tad simple but the song is catchy and well worth a look for fans of a more mature Jpop style.

Notable mention:


This week we get to enjoy the latest MV from Hime Kyun Fruit Can titled Iyo Damashi Otome Bushi.

Idols and ancient Japan are something that not many dare to combine. But Hime Kyun Fruit Can have managed to make a surprisingly solid song with a strong Japanese feel to it.

Sure, it’s not exactly the most upbeat song but it has a nice feel to it that is sure to impress fans.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!