Tsubaki Factory 2nd Generation Members Announced

Tsubaki Factory 2nd Generation

Tsubaki Factory have announced the addition of 3 Hello! Project Trainees as 2nd generation members.

According to Shimizu Saki, it seems like each of the members has a unique talent. With Onoda having a sense of transparency, Akiyama having a dancing ability, and Ono having a nice smile.

The members are:

Tsubaki Factory Ono Mizuho Tsubaki Factory Onoda Saori Tsubaki Factory Akiyama Mao

Ono Mizuho

Hometown: Tokyo
Blood Type: O
Height: 163 cm
Hobbies: Singing
Specialty: Dance, flute
Nickname: Omizu

Part of H!P Trainees since April 2015

Onoda Saori

Hometown: Shizuoka
Blood Type: O
Height: 152 cm
Hobbies: Listening to music
Specialty: Piano, abacus
Nickname: Saorin

Part of H!P Trainees since October 2014

Akiyama Mao

Hometown: Osaka
Blood Type: B
Height 153.5 cm
Hobbies: Dance and gymnastics
Specialty: Dance
Nickname: Maopin

Part of H!P Trainees since April 2015

Tsubaki Factory might be a bit new on the idol scene having debuted only a year ago, but it seems like they are slowly gaining some talented members and making a name for themselves in the music scene.

Welcome to the group Ono, Onoda, and Akiyama!

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