Shuukan Idol – AKB48, Buono!, and More

Shida Arai Summer

This week we get to enjoy more details for AKB48’s latest single as well as a longer look at Buono!’s 1st single since they’re hiatus.

Summer idol tunes, idol MVs, and more in this week’s top 5 highlights!


> AKB48 share the MVs for Hikari to Kage no Hibi as well as the C/W’s for their 45th single

AKB48 are gearing up for their latest release and it seems like we are in luck with them releasing 5 MVs. Are they the release we’ve been waiting from this talented idol group or will we see more ballads?

Buono! go for a slam dunk in the MV of So La Ti Do ~Nee Nee~

Buono! recently announced their comeback single and it seems like we will be enjoying yet another epic idol rock release from this trio. Was the 4 year wait worth it?

So much summer! Shida Summer Arai Summer sing at sundown for their 2nd single

Many thought it would be a simple unit that would release one single, but it seems like we’ll be seeing more of this talented duo in the coming months, so check out this soulful ballad release!

Tsubaki Factory go mature in the MV for Hitorijime

While a DVD single might not be the same as a full single, Tsubaki Factory are showing off a more mature side of their vocal abilities with this release.

PassCode pass into a major label debut

Idol-core groups are few and far between with only a few notable bands gaining some traction to release singles. But, it seems like we’re in luck, congrats PassCode!

Notable mention:


This week we get to enjoy the 1st MV from an idol group that will be making their major debut soon, drop.

The MV for Hoshi no Nai Yoru Dakara is fairly simple with a limited amount of animation, but it’s worth a look to find out more from this group that will soon be on a major label.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!