callme “Sing along” MV Released

callme this is album

callme have released the MV for their track Sing along.

Out September 28th, the track is part of callme’s 2nd album titled This is callme.

Featuring a mixture of scenes as callme dance in an antique styled room, as well as scenes taking place in a choreographed fashion, callme manage to show off an impressive and well styled look at what we can expect from their upcoming album.

The song has a nice mature sound to it with an electronic touch making for an entertaining piano led track that fans are sure to love. It has an old fashioned feel that mixes well with the J-pop sound, which is something not many artists do nowadays.

With their album jam packed with songs for fans to enjoy, this is one release that you won’t want to pass up so make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of this amazing release!

callme This is album movie
Type A (CD + DVD)



  1. Sing along
  2. Run Run Run
  3. In my dream
  4. Life
  5. Interlude1
  6. Can not change nothing
  7. I like you
  8. Awaking
  9. Interlude2
  10. Confession
  11. Hello new world
  12. Real love
  13. So beautifully
  14. Interlude3
  15. Take my time
  16. Cosmic walk


  1. Sing along -Music Video-
  2. Confession -Music Video-
  3. Can not change nothing -Music Video-

callme This is album cd
Type B (CD)



Same as above

callme This is album 2cd
Type C (2 CD)


CD 1

Same as above

CD 2

  1. My Style (Remix)
  2. just trust (Remix)
  3. To shine (Remix)
  4. game is mine (Remix)
  5. change my life (Remix)
  6. Like a breeze (Remix)
  7. Falling for you (Remix)

callme This is album mumo
mu-mo ・ Event Version


  1. Sing along
  2. In my dream
  3. Life
  4. Can not change nothing
  5. Confession
  6. Real love
  7. So beautifully
  8. Take my time