Shuukan Idol – Idol MV Special, and More

ShuuKaRen Universe

In this week’s Shuukan Idol we get to enjoy Momoiro Clover Z, BiSH, callme, and more as they promote their latest releases.

Are we in for amazing releases or will they fall flat?  Find out in our top 5 highlights of the week!


Nogizaka46 add 12 new members with their 3rd generation

Nogizaka46 are among the idol scene’s most popular groups, so it’s fairly surprising that they haven’t had many new additions to their talented lineup. Thankfully that has changed with a 3rd generation of members being added recently. Check the new members out!

Momoiro Clover Z go to the club in the MV for Decoration

While The Golden History might have been a pretty solid idol MV, we all had the same question in mind:

That’s cool and all … but where are the club lights and random color-coded dance crews?

Thankfully that has changed with the release of Decoration, and it’s packed with enough lights, idols, and dance crews that will satisfy anyone!

ShuuKaRen dance colorfully for their UNIVERSE MV

E-girls are among the best dancers on the scene, and thankfully members and also sisters Fujii Karen and Fujii Shuuka have teamed up to release one of this summer’s catchiest releases.

UNIVERSE is packed full of color, product placements, and dance moves that would make the most talented dancers blush. Make sure to check it out!

BiSH show off their classical side in the MV for Orchestra

BiSH are one of my favorite groups at the moment and with good reason. They take the idol formula and mix in punk elements to create something that fans of the heavier side of the idol spectrum adore.

With a new album out on iTunes and coming soon to CD, the MV shows off a clash of punk drums and guitars, classical instruments, and passionate vocals that tell a story of heartbreak. Well recommended!

callme capture our hearts in the synchronized MV for Sing along

callme have a laid back, vintage style that is nothing short of a treat. I’m hyped for their upcoming album and while we might be a few weeks away from release we have a new MV to enjoy meanwhile.

It’s catchy, calm, and something we don’t see that often in the idol scene: unblocked on Youtube. Check it out!

Notable mention:


Summer Rocket might be a name not many idol fans know, and with good reason since they are fairly new to the scene. They consist of 6 members who together share some fairly upbeat music with an upbeat, but laid back sound.

It’s the perfect song for those calm days so make sure to check it out!

Fortunately, if you are a fan of the song you can get it for free here.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!