Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka To Release 1st PB

Miyazaki Yuka PB

Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka has announced the release of her 1st PB.

Out September 24th, the PB will contain 80 pages as well as a bonus DVD.

Miyazaki Yuka might have release a Greeting PB a while back, but thankfully it seems like the response was positive enough to lead to a complete solo release.

In true PB fashion there will be a variety of swimsuits for fans to enjoy, as well as yukata. No word yet on a seifuku, but it is an idol PB and not having one would be like not having a Morning Musume song without an Ayumi dance solo.

For now there are a few previews of what to expect in the link below and from what I can see it seems like a solid release that showcases one of Juice=Juice’s most underrated members.

Sure, they’re a tad on the safe side compared to Uemura Akari’s releases but not everyone has her body type so it’s understandable.

We should see a trailer for the PB come out soon so make sure to stay tuned for that!


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