BAND-MAID “YOLO” Covers Released


BAND-MAID have released the covers for their upcoming single titled YOLO.

Out November 16th, the single will be available in Regular and Limited editions.

Could it be? Do we finally have an updated band picture? Yes! After many months of using the same picture with the swing we finally get to enjoy BAND-MAID in a new setting and it is glorious. They’re in the same locations, but hey, I’ll take it.

Announced some time ago, BAND-MAID’s new single YOLO is their first since their debut album back in May. The hype has been real since it was first announced, with fans clamoring for more maid rock to enjoy, and it seems like the time has come for a new release.

Coupled with the covers featuring a maid headband with spikes, I am definitely hyped to find out more about what we will be able to enjoy in the coming months. For now, there doesn’t seem to be much of a preview but we should see the MV being released next month to help promote the release.

Hong Kong fans are in for a treat as well since they have announced the addition of a tour date for their Brand New MAID release tour (yes, it’s still going on):

  • November 5th – Music Zone, E-MAX, Hong Kong

If you’re in the area definitely make sure to go since it’s rare for Japanese artists to travel around the world promoting their latest releases.

For now, check out the covers and grab a copy since this release is definitely going to be an epic one!

BAND-MAID Yolo Regular



  1. YOLO
  2. Unfair game
  3. matchless GUM
  4. YOLO (Instrumental)

BAND-MAID Yolo Limited



Same as Regular edition

Comes with sheet music and sleeve case packaging