Shuukan Idol – New Idol Releases Galore, and More

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get three of the idol world’s most well known acts PASSPO☆, The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY, and AKB48 announcing their new releases for later this year.

Alongside that we also get three MVs for fans to enjoy from Moso Calibration, Color Pointe, as well as Cotton Rabbits (Bandjanaimon!).

That and more in this week’s top 6 highlights (yes, I keep on changing it) of the week!


AKB48 announce 46th Single, Shimazaki Haruka will be center

A new AKB48 single comes with a new center and this time we get Shimazaki Haruka. The move is controversial since other groups feel like they’re not allowed to shine as much, but others are happy AKB48 members can finally shine once more in an AKB48 single and believe the sister groups can support themselves. Which side are you on?

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY will have their major debut single

I’m-not-typing-that-giant-name-again-LADYBABY have announced the release of a major debut single for this fall. Will it still be a catchy release or will they go on an entirely different direction?

PASSPO☆ announce new single, collaboration with Silent Siren included

PASSPO (insert star here) are among my favorite groups on the scene alongside Silent Siren, and thankfully it seems like a dream collaboration is close to being released. Sumire will be writing a song for their new single!

Moso Calibration go totally umbrella in the MV for Unbalance Umbrella

Catchy EDM idol music is hard to come by, but Moso Calibration have impressed many with their often artsy songs, with their latest single being yet another must have release. Packed full of umbrellas and enough electronic music to make Perfume blush, it’s a well recommended (blocked in some places) MV!

Cotton Rabbits travel through time and green screens in the MV for Heroes

Bandjanaimon! made a variety of units featuring a unique song for each as part of their latest single titled Natsu no Oh! Vibes. We were only missing one unit and thankfully Cotton Rabbits (featuring Suzuki Misako and Amanatsu Yuzu) have shown us the magic of catchy idol rock and vintage trips through the world of green screens!

Color Pointe get wet in the MV for Rainy Princess

I love unique idol concepts and nothing is more unique than a ballet styled group that performs idol music to the beat of classical music. This colorful group has already impressed us with their last release Sugar Pianist and are back for more with a 2nd single for fans to enjoy, it’s a must see!


This week we get to enjoy a release from CLEAR’S with their catchy song Kirari☆NiPPON. Packed full of upbeat vocals and instruments, as well as colorful and incredibly Japanese elements, it’s a must see MV for a preview of their 4th single!

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!