Cotton Rabbits “Heroes” MV Released

Bandjanaimon Summer Cotton Rabbits

Cotton Rabbits, made up of Suzuki Misako and Amanatsu Yuzu from Bandjanaimon!, have released the MV for their track titled Heroes.

Released August 24th, the track is part of the Cotton Rabbits version of Bandjanaimon!’s latest single titled Natsu Oh! Vibes.

The MVs for Natsu Oh! Vibes as well as the separate unit tracks for Chou Chou Cream and Blue Twins have been released as well.

As the sweet melody plays, Yuzu and Misako play the drums and the guitar before embarking on an adventure through the magic of green screen. The style is delightfully vintage and matches the theme of the group, which impressed me since so far most of the unit songs have been fairly basic.

Sure, the green screen effects probably ate into the budget for the solo shot but it’s a nice touch to see them playing instruments while singing.

Make sure to check out the song since it’s a pretty solid release and is certainly my favorite from the unit releases!

Bandjanaimon Summer Cotton Rabbits
Cotton Rabbits



  1. Natsu no Oh! Vibes
  2. Heroes
  3. Heroes – Instrumental –