Yajima Maimi “Watashi no Kisetsu” Digest Released

Yajima Maimi Watashi Bluray

The digest trailer for Yajima Maimi‘s upcoming solo Blu-ray titled Watashi no Kisetsu has been released.

Out September 28th, the Blu-ray will feature scenes from Maimi’s PB titled Hitori no Kisetsu.

Starting off with Maimi waking up to the sweet sound of rain, we get to enjoy her day as she explores town and does typical idol things like changing into a variety of bikinis and swimming.

There are a great amount of scenes to enjoy that show off Maimi’s notoriously sculpted body, from a summer dress to the idol favorite: the scuba suit which promise something amazing for everyone to enjoy.

It’s Yajima Maimi in a bikini, of course you’re going to enjoy it, so make sure to get a copy of the Blu-ray since the release date is coming!

Yajima Maimi Watashi Bluray