Yajima Maimi “Watashi no Kisetsu” Digest Released

Yajima Maimi Watashi Bluray

The digest trailer for Yajima Maimi‘s upcoming solo Blu-ray titled Watashi no Kisetsu has been released.

Out September 28th, the Blu-ray will feature scenes from Maimi’s PB titled Hitori no Kisetsu.

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Yajima Maimi To Release Solo PB and Blu-ray

Yajima Maimi PB

C-ute’s Yajima Maimi will be releasing a new solo PB titled Hitori no Kisetsu as well as a currently untitled solo Blu-ray.

The PB will be released August 27th, while the Blu-ray will be out September 28th.

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Yajima Maimi “Flowing” Solo Blu-ray Digest Released

Yajima Maimi Flowing

The digest for Yajima Maimi’s upcoming solo Blu-ray titled Flowing has been released.

There is a weird moment where the camera just runs off when Maimi goes up the stairs to later find her reading a book casually, but other than that it’s amazing to see her enjoying the poolside and walking around the interestingly adorned house.

Those who loved the digest (after the break) are definitely encouraged to get their copy since we’ll be getting the Blu-ray on October 21. Just a few days more!

CDJapan Yajima Maimi “Flowing”

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Yajima Maimi “Flowing” DVD Announced

Yajima Maimi Flowing

Yajima Maimi will be releasing a solo DVD titled Flowing.

Solo DVDs are always great releases for fans since it gives them a chance to enjoy a DVD solely focused on their idol of choice. Of course, not much information has been released so far apart from the title and the image above but so far it seems like a solid release.

We might be getting a preview sometime in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

The release date is set for October 21.

Source: Hello! Project Site