Shuukan Idol – Hello! Project Packed Highlights, and More

Morning Musume 16

This week’s Shuukan Idol features Hello! Project mainly, with former and current members making the news with their latest releases and announcements. Despite that, there are some great releases to highlight for Babyraids JAPAN and Muzubizm.

That and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


Kago Ai reveals she’s pregnant with her 2nd child

Kicking off with the most notable announcement this week: former Morning Musume member Kago Ai is pregnant once more. Shortly after announcing her new marriage, it’s one of many great news we have heard from her as she slowly starts to rebuild her life after a rocky past.

Sexy cats? Morning Musume announce their 62nd single

In Hello! Project’s quest for the longest single title, we finally get the confirmation that Morning Musume will once again be releasing a single. This time though, we got a rather interesting title for one of the tracks and that alone has fans intrigued. Will this single be an amazing one?

Musubizm go casual in the MV for ONE STEP (musubi ver).

Ever since I first heard Musubizm I’ve been a big fan and this time we get yet another solid ballad release from their 1st single. It’s packed full of catchy vocals, cute idols, and weird dubstep bridges so make sure to check it out!

Country Girls go retro in the MV for Namida no Request

Country Girls have been showing off their unique group theme for some time now, but this time they are ready to show off their stripes in a colorful MV for everyone to enjoy. It’s bright, fun, and delightfully retro, so make sure to watch it!

Babyraids JAPAN go full rock in the MV for Ride on IDOROCK

Babyraids JAPAN are definitely an interesting idol group, and they’re back to show off a rocking track from their 2nd album Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu! Make sure to watch it if you’ve been on the fence about getting the album (you should totally get it though)!

Miyamoto Karin to bloom in her 3rd PB titled SunFlower

Miyamoto Karin will once again be featured in a glossy PB for wotas to enjoy. While it might be yet another idol PB release to some, it’s interesting to see that while she might be young, she’s already up to 3 solo PBs. Will she beat Airi’s 11 PB record?


DAOKO might not exactly be an idol, but she is a rising star in the J-pop community with her catchy music making waves.

Her music tends to be on the rapping side, with her latest single being a bit more of a mix. Daisuki with TeddyLoid features a strong electronic sound, while Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de is a bit more laid back with a fun game theme.

Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de

Daisuki with TeddyLoid

We don’t cover DAOKO that much (her sound tends to be different in comparison to other J-pop artists), but we’d definitely love to hear any feedback about covering her future releases.

For now, make sure to check out her two MVs and we’ll see you in the next one!