Sakura Oda “Behind of Photobook ~Sakura Moyou~” Solo Blu-ray Digest Released

Sakura Oda Behind Photobook

Morning Musume ’16 have released a digest video for Sakura Oda‘s latest solo Blu-ray titled Behind of Photobook ~Sakura Moyou~.

Out November, the Blu-ray will take scenes from Sakura’s latest PB titled Sakura Moyou.

The covers for her PB Sakura Moyou have already been released.

Fair warning, Sakura is among my favorite members in Morning Musume ’16 (alongside Mizuki, Ayumi, and Miki) so this will be a biased opinion.

That being said, words cannot describe the amazing scenes we get to enjoy. It might be only around a minute long but they manage to feature a variety of settings and outfit that she wore during her PB shoot. Yes, there are a good variety of swimsuit outfits and they are all spectacular.

It seems like the Making Of DVD for the PB was only 11 minutes long, which is not enough Sakura (you can never have enough), and thankfully they have realized that you can fit more than 11 minutes on a DVD.

Make sure to check it out and grab a copy from e-LineUP! since it seems like a must have for fans of this talented idol!