Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da “Alternative Melancholy” MV Released

Zenbu Kimi Anima Animasu

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da have released an MV for their track titled Alternative Melancholy.

The track is part of their 2nd album titled Anima Animusu PRDX which was released back in November 9th.

After the explosive release of their catchy track WORLD END CRISIS feat Yashidare, it seems like the promotion for their 2nd album is still going strong with a new MV for fans to join.

Taking place in a mystical fantasy world where the members dance and have fun together, it doesn’t take long for the scenery to change as they make their way to the dark side of the forest. The story is simple, but I won’t spoil it since it’s well worth seeing for yourself.

As for the sound of the track, it’s fairly upbeat and a direct contrast to their last release which had a heavy atmosphere. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does add some nice variety to the album and provides fans of the more upbeat variety with something to enjoy.

It’s unfortunate that this is Gomochi’s last release as part of the group, but at least we had a chance to say goodbye here. In fact, there is a touching moment at the end of the MV where Gomochi wakes up surrounded by the other members in a van that is an adorable addition and a subtle farewell to this talented member.

That being said, it’s a solid MV that fans will adore. Make sure to check it out and grab a copy of the album since it’s a must have for fans of alternative idols!

Zenbu Kimi Anima Animasu



  1. Yami Kawa Gunmachi
  2. Mudai Gassho
  3. Alternative Melancholy
  4. Ita Karuma Ba◯zu
  5. Loser Gospel
  6. Bocchi Conect Owari
  7. Haikei, Otona Gram
  8. Philia Philia
  9. WORLD END CRISIS feat Yashidare
  10. Boku Kun no Zen o
  11. Dokusho Mudai
  12. Ueyu euyu otsu ~Hinekurenotari~
  13. Neoneo jerasumaru Kaosu

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da