Hello! Project New Leader and Sub-leader Announced

Hello! Project Leader Wada Ayaka

Hello! Project’s 6th leader has been announced to be ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka. Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki will be sub-leader.

They will replace Yajima Maimi who will graduate alongside the other C-ute members on June 2017. Wada Ayaka mentioned that she wants to protect the Hello! Project that her senpai have created, while Mizuki mentioned that she wanted to show Hello! Project’s charm with her new role.

Here’s a short list of past Hello! Project leaders for reference:

  1. Nakazawa Yuko
  2. Takahashi Ai
  3. Niigaki Risa
  4. Michishige Sayumi
  5. Yajima Maimi
  6. Wada Ayaka / Fukumura Mizuki

In a rather surprising twist, this is the 2nd time that a non-Morning Musume member has been chosen as leader of Hello! Project. Although it makes sense given the amount of time that Wada Ayaka has been under the Up Front umbrella in comparison to Mizuki.

It’s fair to point out that this is also the 1st time that a leader and sub-leader have been announced, but it should be an interesting combination to see in coming appearances. But, I do agree that Wada Ayaka will make an amazing leader following in Yajima Maimi’s footsteps due simply to her dedication.

Congratulations Wada Ayaka and Fukumura Mizuki!