BiSH Announce New Mini-Album

BiSH Promise The Star

BiSH have announced the release of a new mini-album, currently untitled.

Out June 28th, the mini-album will be released in 4 editions.

The mini-album will contain 5 new songs for a total of 12 songs including one titled Shakai no Rule which will serve as the ending theme song for the anime Hebotto! 

The mini-album will be released in 4 versions which include a Regular, Limited (Mini AL+DVD), Limited (Mini AL+AL+Blu-ray), and Limited (Mini AL+AL). There are also mentions of a photo book being included with this release.

The DVD and Blu-ray will contain the complete live performance of their NEVERMiND TOUR at ZEPP TOKYO on March 19th. The versions with another AL will contain another CD with 12 tracks from their indies era alongside live performances and re-recordings with Ayuni’s vocals.

It’s unclear if the separate CD will feature the tracks with Ayuni’s vocals or if the main CD will feature them. However, it appears that fans will be able to enjoy the original songs with Hug Mii’s vocals (Ayuni D is my favorite of the group, but you can’t say no to Hug Mii).

Regardless, it seems like the perfect way for new fans to get to know more about their indies era and the many amazing songs they have released since they appeared on the scene.

Make sure to stay tuned since we will most likely get covers and a set track list in the coming months! | BiSH OHP