AKB48’s Shimada Haruka Announces Graduation and Retirement

AKB48 Shimada Haruka

AKB48’s Team K co-captain Shimada Haruka has announced her graduation from the group and retirement from the entertainment business.

Announced on a recent broadcast of SHOWROOM, Shimada mentioned how she planned to graduate from the group. Shortly after the broadcast she tweeted the following, asking for fan’s support until the end:

She will be taking place in the 2017 Senbatsu Sousenkyo. However, she has never ranked so this will be her last opportunity to do so.

She joined AKB48 in September 2009 as a Kenkyuusei where she was later promoted to Team Unknown on December 2010. Shortly after she was transferred to Team 4 in June 2011, and finally Team K in August 2012.

Her graduation is currently set for September.

8 years as part of one of Japan’s biggest idol groups is certainly no easy feat. While some members wish to remain in the spotlight as performers or actresses, others prefer to return to a normal life to enjoy a life outside of crowded venues.

No set plans have been mentioned on what she will do in her personal life, but we wish her the best and encourage fans to support her until her last performance!