lyrical school Reveal New Members

lyrical school 2017

lyrical school have revealed the addition of 3 new members.

The three new members that will join minan and hime (middle row of the picture above) are: hinako, yuu, and risano.

They will be performing at a comeback live titled NEW GAME at Shibuya HARLEM on May 21st.

After the surprise graduation of mei, ami, and ayaka, there was a call for new member auditions which ultimately led to the three members we see above.

Unfortunately we don’t have any details regarding a new single. But, it doesn’t seem to be far off since they are already planning live events for fans.

What are the former members of lyrical school up to? ayaka is nowhere to be found, but mei and ami have organized a BBQ for mei’s birthday. That’s something.

Despite that, I’m excited to see what the new lineup for lyrical school is capable of since they all seem to have quite a bit of talent.

We’ll find out soon enough at their comeback live, so if you’re in the area make sure to check it out!

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