lyrical school New Member Auditions Announced

lyrical school Hip Hop Idol Audition

lyrical school have announced the opening of new member auditions.

According to the announcement, they are looking for 4 new members between the ages of 18-26. Applications will be taken until January 31st where those seeking to apply will have to bring their resume, be prepared to answer questions, and perform RUN and RUN.

Members who do pass the audition will be contacted on February 1st and will begin training in March before debuting soon after.

This move comes as a result of members ami, mei, and ayaka announcing their graduation at the end of February.

The auditions come as no surprise seeing as how most of lyrical school will be leaving soon and ultimately having only hime and minan perform all of the songs would prove difficult. However, the most interesting fact is that they are looking for 4 new members, which could hint at us seeing even more interesting songs pop up in the future.

Hopefully this leads to some talented members being added since lyrical school definitely deserve it!

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