Shuukan Idol – Christmas in November Edition

beboga kaname rin

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide variety of MV releases from Rhymeberry, DEADLIFT LOLITA, Beboga!, NGT48, and more. There are also a few cover releases for albums from Mayuyu and Morning Musume ’17 and a surprise departure from LADYBABY. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Rhymeberry bust out some sweet rhymes in Chotto Yatte Mita Dake

I’m in a rapping mood, and thankfully Rhymeberry are here to satisfy those needs with some fast paced, juicy rhymes. In fact, the rhymes are so fast that only the drum can keep up with them. It’s a must see for fans of rap and idol!

> DEADLIFT LOLITA chase their dreams in a limo for No More Tears

DEADLIFT LOLITA are still flexing their creative muscles by releasing more music, with their latest MV being a gem. It’s on the slow side but it features some inspiring lyrics and visuals. Flex that finger over to the link above!

> Kuromiya Rei is leaving LADYBABY

LADYBABY has been through a lot, and unfortunately they’re about to go through even more. We’ve just received the sad news that Kuromiya Rei will be leaving the group due to a throat condition. More details are available in the post above.

> Beboga! have a Christmas party in Mengou!! ~Ibu wa Iroiro Aru no Desu~

It’s Christmas! … kind of. But, that hasn’t stopped many idol groups from celebrating, including Beboga! Packed full of festive cheer and a lot of celebrating, their latest MV is a fun and upbeat way of getting ready for the holiday season.

> NGT48 wave their magical fingers in Otona ni Naru Mae ni and play with speech bubbles in Nani ka ga Iru

NGT48 are still releasing MVs for their latest single and thankfully we got to enjoy two more of them this week. One adds in magical fingers with an adorable story line and the other has some personalized messages in speech bubbles. Both are a must watch!

> lyrical school rap the night away in Tsuretetteyo

Need more rap? lyrical school have you covered with their latest track packed full of bike riding at night and catchy vocals. It’s a solid entry for them and a must listen for those who want to relax at night with some chill beats.

> Meet the Hello! Project 2018 audition finalists

It’s always fun to see idol auditions, especially from Hello! Project who are known for having high standards for new members. Thankfully some new auditions are currently being broadcast and the finalists have been revealed. Will we get to see one or more of the members debut?

Notable mentions:



This week we have Shine Fine Movement and their MV for their major debut single titled Hikari Crescendo. Out December 13th, the single will be releasing in 2 editions.

It’s been at least a week since we last saw an MV taking place in a school, but thankfully Shine Fine Movement are here to change that. With a soft ballad sound and some classically inspired instrumentals, we get to see as the members sing in a wide variety of beautifully lit scenes.

They’re a rather new group, but they have a solid sound that is worth checking out. Make sure to do that below!

Hikari Crescendo
Shine Fine Movement

Help show your support by grabbing a copy of their single below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!