Maison book girl Get Artsy In “cotoeri”

maison book girl cotoeri

Maison book girl get artsy for their 3rd single titled cotoeri.

Out December 13th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Maison book girl is known for having a distinct sound compared to other groups. They tend to use that sound over and over again, however, this single seems to be a bit different. Yes, we finally get an original sound which is a treat to listen to since we get a large variety of instruments including piano, violins, and even my favorite instrument: typewriter clicks.

Visually it’s what you would expect from them, a random mix of artsy shots such as a scene of them sitting in the middle of a black room with words on the walls, compasses, and more. It’s unique since you never know what’s going to pop up next. Make sure to check out this MV and grab your copy below!

Maison book girl

maison book girl cotoeri



  1. cotoeri
  2. Juuroku Sai
  3. Ame no Mukogawa de
  4. cotoeri (instrumental)
  5. Juuroku Sai (instrumental)
  6. Ame no Mukogawa de (instrumental)

Maison book girl cotoeri site


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