Tsubaki Factory Announce 2nd Single

Tsubaki Factory 2nd Single Shuukatsu Sensation

Tsubaki Factory have announced the release of their 2nd major single titled Shuukatsu Sensation.

Out July 26th, the single will be a triple a-side release.

The single was revealed in the recent Hello! Station episode where the group appeared to share the news. According to Tsubaki Factory, the song will be a “funk and dance” song.

The titles of the other two songs haven’t been released. However, we did learn that there will be 7 editions: 3 Regular and 4 Limited.

Fans of Hello! Project will be happy to see that DANCE☆MAN will be in charge of arrangement, with Nakajima Takui composing the song. This would explain the funk and dance sound that was mentioned, which should be a treat for those who are into music with a more danceable beat.

As for the title itself, Shuukatsu refers to the season where college students who have graduated are looking for jobs. This should give us a pretty interesting MV since it’s bound to have a fun theme.

For now we’ll have to wait for more info about the single but it’s exciting to see that they’re already preparing for a new release!

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