BiS “SOCiALiSM” MV Released

BiS Kamiya Saki

BiS have released the MV for their upcoming single titled SOCiALiSM.

Out May 31st, the single will be released in 2 editions: Regular and CD+DVD.

This is the 1st release for the 7 member group (minus Aya Eight Prince), and features GANG PARADE member Kamiya Saki as a result of a temporary trade with BiS.

BiS tends to stay on the heavy rock side of things, but it seems like this release is trying out a bit more of a playful sound. In fact, the song is quickly becoming my favorite release that the new lineup has performed thanks mainly to the fast and upbeat sound that we get to enjoy.

A great song deserves a great MV, and thankfully we get that with a large variety of fast paced scenes of the members at an abandoned lot. From riding in a car, to being tied up and tickled (wait what?), it’s a delight to see the shots match up with the intensity of the song.

The new members are interesting additions, with Momoland being my favorite of the two. Her voice is on the quiet side, but it has a sound that fits in strangely well (Nozomi Hirano basically). Pan Luna fits in perfectly, so no complaints there.

This is by far one of their catchiest releases, so make sure to check it out!


Note: MV is region locked

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