C-ute Members Reveal Future Plans

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C-ute members have revealed what their future plans are once the group disbands.

Their disbandment will take place on June 12 at Saitama Super Arena.

Their future plans were revealed in a series of blog posts on the official C-ute blog posted each at the same time (9:10 = C-ute):

Yajima Maimi will be joining M-Line club and has mentioned that she wants to study acting seriously. She also commented on how she wishes to  do a bus tour, dinner shows, and a variety of other activities.

Nakajima Saki mentioned that she would like to go into acting, continue her Satoyama activities, and work in regional PR activities.

Suzuki Airi will become a solo singer. It’s unsure if she will remain in Up-Front, however Airi mentioned that she will hopefully begin her activities next spring. Apart from that she did confirm that she will continue modeling meanwhile.

Chisato Okai will become a talent and make appearances in a variety of TV shows. She did mention how fans have requested for her to continue singing, however Chisa mentioned how she has no confidence in that but hopes to someday do it.

Hagiwara Mai will be retiring completely from the entertainment business and will be living overseas in order to study English.

It seems like most everyone plans on continuing to be in show business to some degree except for Mai. However, she has been on stage since she was young (she was once the youngest member of H!P) so it makes sense for her to step away and get to experience a normal life.

The fact that Airi is going to become a solo singer is not surprising at all, since most C-ute songs have been basically Airi led in some way. However, it will be interesting to see if she will be remaining in Up Front or if she will join another label.

There are still a few more weeks remaining before their final performance so the date is quickly approaching. For now, I encourage everyone to check out the fully translated blog posts at the link below or check out the original blogs linked above.

Make sure to go to their final performance this June 12th!

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