Arakawa Yuuna, Ishikawa Natsumi, and Funaki Saori To Graduate From Akishibu Project


Akishibu Project members Arakawa Yuuna, Ishikawa Natsumi, and Funaki Saori have announced their graduations from the group.

The announcement was done during Akishibu Project’s one man live at Shibuya WWW on June 7th.

Akishibu Project Arakawa Yuuna
Arakawa Yuuna

According to their comments, Yuuna mentioned that she has been thinking about this decision for a long time. She wishes to get stronger at a deeper level as her idol life comes to a close.

Akishibu Project Ishikawa Natsumi
Ishikawa Natsumi

Ishikawa mentioned how she has been active for 4 years and fighting with various emotions of feeling like she’s not adequate enough. To help change this she wishes to take her own journey in life and discover her goals.

Akishibu Project Funaki Saori
Funaki Saori

Funaki tweeted out the following:

In it she mentions how she had several goals in life and how being in the group would push them away more and more. So she decided to leave the group in order to pursue them.

Their final live will take place at Akasaka BLITZ on July 27th.

Having three members leave at the same time is a big blow for Akishibu Project, but it seems like each member has their own goals they wish to accomplish.

For those in the area I highly encourage you to go to their final live to get a chance to see them perform for the final time.

Best of luck Arakawa Yuuna, Ishikawa Natsumi, and Funaki Saori!

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