CY8ER “Kakushemu” MV Released

CY8ER Fujishiro Naatan Yammy

CY8ER have released the MV for their upcoming single titled Kakushemu.

Out June 28th, the single will be released in one edition.

This single will also be the 1st for the new lineup of 6 members.

With an adorable Japanese styled instrumental, we get to enjoy a fairly upbeat song packed full of energy. It’s a bit more energetic compared to their last release Te to Te, which is great news for those who prefer a bit more of a punch with their songs.

Visually it’s a treat with all of the members dancing in a dark room as scenes of food being made start playing. There’s a distinct Japanese feel to all of the scenes, making for a cool theme that matches the song well.

Make sure to check out this adorably catchy release and grab a copy of their new single!


CY8ER Kakushemu Cover



  1. Kakushemu
  2. Kakushemu (Instrumental)