AKB48’s Hamamatsu Riona Announces Her Graduation

AKB48 Hamamatsu Riona

AKB48 Team 8 member Hamamatsu Riona has announced her graduation from the group.

She revealed her graduation plans during a recent Showroom titled AKB48 Team 8 Tokubetsu Haishin Room. There she mentioned how she believes it’s important to evolve every day and how it’s time for her to move forward. With her English skills she wishes to widen her activities into acting and becoming a talent.

Her graduation will take place on July 2nd at AKB48 Theater.

It’s great to see that Riona already has plans for her future and is planning on staying in the entertainment business. This way fans will be able to continue to show their support.

Of course, she won’t be singing on stage but as she mentioned, it’s important to evolve and try new things in life in order to feel accomplished.

We wish Hamamatsu Riona the best of luck and hope to hear more in the future!