Sakura no Yume. “Dream☆Road” MV Released

Sakura no Yume Dream Road Cover

Sakura no Yume. have released the MV for their single titled Dream☆Road.

The unit is made up of Ando Sakura (TsuriBit), Ichinose Mika (Kamiyado), and Abe Yumeri (SUPER☆GIRLS). The unit was created for the @JAM EXPO 2017 event which will take place on August 26 – 27 at Yokohama Arena.

The MV is simple with various scenes of the three performing together and practicing for their stage debut. However, it’s fairly adorable since the light, upbeat music goes well with the large variety of scenes. It’s not too fast paced, instead having a fun beat that fans of the more traditional idol sound will love.

The single is only available until the end of the @JAM EXPO 2017 event since they will be disbanding once it’s completed. So if you’re in the area make sure to go and pick up a copy!

Sakura no Yume.

@JAM EXPO 2017