[UPDATED] Asakura Kiki Diagnosed With Herniated Lumbar Disc

Tsubaki Factory Asakura Kiki

Update (7.11.17): Kiki will restart talk and handshake events only starting July 25th. She’s not allowed to sing or perform in concerts.

Update: Asakura Kiki was examined and was unable to perform. She will not participate in any activities until mid-July. As a result, she will receive acupuncture, therapy, and muscle training to relieve any pain. They will diagnose her once more in mid-July.

Tsubaki Factory member Asakura Kiki has been diagnosed with herniated lumbar disc.

The condition was found after Asakura Kiki went to a specialist that found the herniated lumbar disc and was told to rest. Staff will monitor her progress and activities afterwards and determine her future plans after she is diagnosed with a doctor again.

Kiki mentioned on the Tsubaki Factory blog that she wishes to get better and get back to performing alongside the other members.

She will take a break from all activities until June 30th.

If this sounds familiar, many will remember that Morning Musume 17’s Sato Masaki also has the same condition. This resulted in her missing several events and ultimately being on hiatus for many months.

It’s unknown if Kiki’s condition is as bad as Masaki, but it will take care and treatment to ensure that she is able to perform while not pushing herself too hard. That way she can return to the stage like Masaki and perform while making sure that no further damage is caused.

We wish Asakura Kiki the best and hope to see her smiling on stage soon!

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