Shuukan Idol – AKB-Surprise Edition

AKB48 49th Watanabe Mayu

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a packed week with many new MVs for ANGERME, BiSH, CY8ER, and Yufu Terashima.

But, the highlight definitely has to be the AKB48 49th Senbatsu where many surprises were revealed, including an engagement and a graduation announcement.

Make sure to check them all out below in our 6 highlights of the week!


> ANGERME get dark and mature for their Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai MV and then get magical with their Majokko Megu-chan MV

ANGERME are wrapping up their latest single with the final two MVs for this release and they are incredible. One is mature and has a nice mix of sounds, the other is upbeat and has a simple setting. Make sure to enjoy both since they are a treat!

> BiSH kill people in their GiANT KiLLERS MV

BiSH have an interesting way of showing off their music. This time they go around a mansion killing people in order to get revenge from a guy who has painted eyes. It’s a weird story, but one that’s incredibly cool (especially when they start fighting back while singing) so make sure to check it out!

> Deliciously upbeat! CY8ER enjoy a meal in the catchy MV for Kakushemu

CY8ER has been dominating the kawaii yume scene with their catchy EDM inspired music, and now they’re back with a new single. Featuring the debut of three new members, we get an MV packed full of food and catchy beats that are sure to make everyone hum along. Check it out!

> AKB48 reveal their 49th Senbatsu results

It was an eventful night, and one that was delayed and moved to the dismay of many because of bad weather. However, the rankings for this single are interesting, with several surprising additions (Ogino Yuka made it!) and several top spots being claimed by notable members. Make sure to check out the post above for the full list!

> Watanabe Mayu announces her graduation from AKB48

It was bound to happen butt (heh) one of AKB48’s most notable members has announced that she will be graduating. Full details are available at the link above, we’ll miss you Mayu!

> Ignore everything else! Sutou Ririka announces surprising engagement announcement

By far this is the most surprising announcement of the night: Sutou Ririka announces she’s getting married. Ignore the fact that Mayu is graduating and that Sashihara won, this was the most surprising reveal that night. Not surprisingly, fans have mixed opinions …. check out the full post above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Maneki Kecha with their major label debut single titled Doudemo Iiya / Arikitari na Kotoba de. Out June 28th, this single is the first since the graduation of Fujisaki Mayuka, so fans have been awaiting their new release with open arms.

Thankfully, the MV doesn’t disappoint. To the sound of an upbeat ballad, the members sing as they stand in random spots before we get to see them appear in acting classes. They then proceed to grab each other by the necks and dance on a train station as all friends do.

It’s an interesting MV since Chiai basically has her own story where she plays a guitar and performs on the streets until the end of the video. I’m guessing her singing helped the others in some way, but it’s a bit hard to understand.

Still, the song is catchy and the voices of all of the members help give it a solid sound (Miyuu especially, her eyes get me every time). Make sure to check it out below!

Doudemo Iiya
Maneki Kecha

There are plenty of options for this single (6 total) so make sure to head below and check them out if the MV fits your style:


That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in the next one!