BiSH “Oden no Uta” Promo MV Released


BiSH have teamed up with 7-Eleven to release an MV for a collaboration song titled Oden no Uta.

The song is part of 7-Eleven’s latest promotion campaign titled Arigatou Oden.

BiSH are extremely punk and this time it seems like they’ve done the most punk thing yet: promoting a product for a large corporation. That’s right, they’ve replaced their fast paced drums and guitars to sing along to a song that cheerfully promotes oden, which is the food of choice for rebels of society.

Kicking off with a quick line from Ayuni, we soon get launched into one of the cutest and most adorable songs on earth. It’s slow paced, incredibly catchy, and packed full with some fun situations, including a lot of blowing to cool down some hot oden ingredients.

It’s not going to be the song of the year, but it’s a fun distraction from their normally intense and punk filled songs. Make sure to check it out below, fu fu!

Oden no Uta