[UPDATED] SCANDAL Announce New Digital Single, Titled “Koisuru Universe”

scandal koisuru

Update: Added teaser video

SCANDAL have announced the release of their new digital only single titled Koisuru Universe.

Out October 22nd, the single will be their 7th digital single.

The digital release will feature two new songs as well as two live performances which is sure to be great news for those who enjoy live recordings. These live performances were taken from their 11th anniversary concert which they recently celebrated this past August.

This is a great way to celebrate their 11th anniversary, so make sure to pre-order your single today!

Koisuru Universe

Note: Video is region locked

scandal koisuru universe



  1. Koisuru Universe
  2. Futari
  3. Kimi to Yoru to Namida (Billboard Live OSAKA 2017.08.21)
  4. Koe (Billboard Live OSAKA 2017.08.21)