Yurumerumo! “A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi” MV Released

yurumerumo talking hits cover

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their track titled A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi.

Out October 4th, the track is part of the upcoming EP titled TALKING HITS EP.

From huddling together to stay warm in the CGI snow, to walking around temples and enjoying some fireworks, the MV has a brilliant and colorful look. Every scene is packed with something new to enjoy, and the fact that we get to see the members singing and having fun together is a treat.

They are known for having a strong punk style, but this release is a bit more on the ballad style that is seriously catchy. It’s relaxing, powerful, and well worth a look so make sure to do that below!

A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi

yurumerumo talking hits cover



  2. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi
  3. Eien no Shunkan
  4. NEW WAVE STAR (Instrumental)
  5. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi (Instrumental)
  6. Eien no Shunkan (Instrumental)