Kaqriyo Terror Architect “Kagome Kagome” MV Released

kaqriyo terror architect

Kaqriyo Terror Architect have released the MV for their 1st single titled Kagome Kagome.

Out since October 4th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Hybrid Taboo.

With a name like Kaqriyo Terror Architect it’s not surprising to see that their 1st single is packed full of members wearing black outfits, black daruma dolls, and weird people dressed up in all black with animal masks.

It’s weird and dark, but it matches so perfectly with the energetic and powerful electronic sound of the music. Get ready for an incredibly powerful MV that makes no sense!

Kagome Kagome
Kaqriyo Terror Architect

If you enjoyed the MV you’ll probably be happy to hear that a 2nd single titled Yubikiri Genman is already on the way and set for release on November 29th.

Why a 2nd single already? I’m not too sure but it’s a great way to give fans a ton of music with their debut. Stay tuned for more details!

kaqriyo terror architect kagome hybrid taboo cover



  1. Kagome Kagome
  2. Hybrid TABOO
  3. Gyaku Juuji

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