[UPDATED] Oda Sakura Is Releasing A 2nd Photobook

oda sakura breeze cover photo book

Update: The cover has been released

Morning Musume ’17 member Oda Sakura will be releasing her 2nd photobook.

Out November 17th, the photobook was shot in Guam.

oda sakura 2nd photobook

There will be a regular version of the photobook along with an Amazon.jp exclusive cover. Wani Books is offering a special chance to win a signed copy of the release if you order before November 6 to enter a lottery.

Fair warning, Oda Sakura is my favorite Momusu member so not surprisingly I’m incredibly hyped for this release. Sure, we only get one clear preview of what to expect but seeing Oda Sakura clearly excited to be there while in a bikini is a treat (she is thrilled).

oda sakura breeze amazon cover

Details are scarce right now but Oda has posted two pictures on her blog post showing off some off shots that are sure to delight fans. Make sure to reserve your copy below once it’s available!


Morning Musume Blog | Wani Books