Kudo Haruka Is Releasing One Final PB, Here Are The Covers

kudo haruka cover photobook

Kudo Haruka gives the camera a stare in the covers for her last PB titled Kudo Haruka.

Out October 27th, the photo book will be released in Regular and Amazon exclusive versions.

With the announcement that Kudo Haruka was going to graduate came the wait for one final photo book. Would we see her one last time in a solo release? Yes, and now we have the covers to enjoy, showing off Kudo in a seifuku and a bikini.

While the title of the PB could use some work, it’s great to see that Kudo’s last PB release is one that shows off her looks in a classy, simple way. Make sure to grab your copy below!

kudo haruka cover photobook


kudo haruka amazon cover photobook
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