Yurumerumo! Make Waves In Their MV For “Eien no Shunkan”

yurumerumo talking hits cover

Yurumerumo! make 250 people wave at the camera in their MV for Eien no Shunkan.

Out October 4th, the track is part of the upcoming EP titled TALKING HITS EP.

Have you ever wanted to see 250 people wave at a camera? You’re in luck since that’s literally all that happens in this MV.

It’s a unique theme and one that works fairly well for this release since the beat is fairly calm and relaxed. Add in a few scenes of the members during the bridge of the song where they do fun things such as running after the train while waving, riding an escalator while waving, laying down and waving, and even walking in rain while waving and you have an impressive MV to enjoy.

Make sure to check out this MV below and wave at the screen while you do!

Eien no Shunkan

yurumerumo talking hits cover



  2. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi
  3. Eien no Shunkan
  4. NEW WAVE STAR (Instrumental)
  5. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi (Instrumental)
  6. Eien no Shunkan (Instrumental)



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