Kosaka Miwa Has Withdrawn From Sakidori Hasshinkyoku

sakidori hasshinkyoku kosaka miwa

Kosaka Miwa has withdrawn from Sakidori Hasshinkyoku.

According to the announcement, Miwa cut off all contact with the members (apparently since November 17th) and failed to go to a live performance. After talking to staff she announced her withdrawal and her contract was terminated shortly after.

Sakidori Hasshinkyoku will continue with only 4 members.

Sakidori is a relatively new idol group so it’s surprising to see one of the founding members decide to leave with such a short notice. The idol lifestyle is not for everyone but the way it was done seems to be incredibly unprofessional since she appears to have simply left without notice.

There is some good news for Sakidori fans though since there is a 2nd single on the way after their fairly successful It’s a Show Time! single. For now we wish the best of luck to Miwa, wherever she is, and hope to hear more from the now 4-nin Sakidori Hasshinkyoku!

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