Riri Sing About Happiness In “Motto Motto Motto”

riri motto motto motto cover

Riri, made up of Riico (ex. DEEP GIRL) and Yukimura Rika (i*chip_memory), sing about happiness together for their 1st single titled Motto Motto Motto.

Out December 24th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

It has been some time since this special unit was announced, but it seems like fans of Riico and Rika are in for a great time with the release of their 1st single.

In this MV we get to see an 80s pop sound combined with conversation style lyrics, making for a fantastic release. It’s a tad on the slower side but the upbeat feeling of the song is pretty solid since it’s made to make you feel happy (that’s the whole theme of their unit after all).

Visually, it’s a bit bland since we only get a dance shot in a room along with a scene of them walking in a park. But, for a 1st single MV it’s still pretty solid and well worth a look!

Motto Motto Motto

riri motto motto motto cover



  1.  Motto Motto Motto
  2. Motto Motto Motto(Riico solo ver.)
  3. Motto Motto Motto(Rika solo ver.)
  4. Motto Motto Motto (Instrumental)