Musubizm Remember The Good Times In Their Final Live MV For “Mata ne”

musubizm final

Musubizm have released a final live MV for their song titled Mata ne.

Out since November 21st, the track is part of their final single titled Koi no Senshi.

One of the saddest news of the year has to be that Musubizm announced that they would be disbanding this December. They were a promising group whose members unfortunately decided to go their own ways recently, with their final live taking place on December 10th.

Fortunately, an MV with scenes of their live was released and it’s by far the perfect way to say goodbye. In it we get to see members laughing and having fun on stage while we get to see some offshoot videos and photos of them backstage.

It’s an adorable video and one that shows off the members enjoying their last moments together on stage. We even get some touching scenes of them at the end where they stare at the camera with handwritten messages appearing shortly after where they say goodbye.

We have yet to see the MV for Koi no Senshi, but this is by far one of the best ways to say goodbye to them. Make sure to check it out below, and thank you for everything Musubizm!

Mata ne

musubizm koi no senshi cover type a
Type A



  1. Koi no Senshi
  2. Mata ne
  3. Koi no Senshi -Instrumental-
  4. Mata ne -Instrumental-

musubizm koi no senshi cover type b
Type B



  1. Koi no Senshi
  2. TBA
  3. Koi no Senshi -Instrumental-
  4. TBA