Shuukan Idol – Happy New Year Edition

bish ling ling atsuko

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a bunch of MVs from SKE48, Bandjanaimon!, STU48, and Kikkawa You. Add in a few graduations and surprising additions to and you’ll have our 8 highlights of the week!


> Bandjanaimon! let fans record their MV for Utau MUSIC

MV budgets can be limited at times, so coming up with creative ways to promote your music is important. Enter Bandjanaimon! who found a fun way of combining all those videos that people record at concerts and never see into something that people will actually see. Check it out above!

> Aikawa Maho graduates from ANGERME and Hello! Project

Being an idol is not easy, especially if you have a panic disorder like Maho. That’s why her decision to go on hiatus for a year was not surprising, with her just recently being able to go to university. Unfortunately, her performing on stage is simply too much and she has decided to leave both ANGERME and H!P. Full details are available above, best of luck Maho!

> adds 2 Niji no Conquistador members to their lineup

Well this came out of nowhere.

After the announcement, that Moga would be leaving, many fans were worried about the future of the group. Thankfully they are back with 2 new members from NijiCon. The fact that Aizawa Risa and Nemoto Nagi are in the same group is nothing short of a dream for me. Check out the post above for a new group picture!

> SKE48 dance in a warehouse for Yoake no Coyote and sing with a horse for Pocchi de Skip

SKE48 are continuing promotion for their new single with the release of their latest MVs and they are … something else. Yoake no Coyote takes place in a warehouse with a rather calm story line, while Pocchi de Skip has a horse. They’re pretty unique and well worth a look if you’re in the mood for something calm.

> SILENT SIREN take a night stroll in KNiFE and follow a couple’s love story for Fuyumegu

SILENT SIREN have been big into walking for some time, with the release of their MV for Sayonara Hibiya. This time we’re getting a pair of new MVs that has even more walking at night and even a cute “mobile” MV featuring a couple. They’re both well worth a look if you’re thinking about getting their new album.

> SKE48 dance among flowers for Hanshateki Through and play rugby in Sawaranu Romance

There’s more SKE48 goodness to enjoy, this time with Love Crescendo and Sakura Love Letter 32. We get to see them as they surround themselves with flowers and play a friendly game of rugby. They are a bit on the calm side too, but they are worth a look!

> Kikkawa You goes north in a Rolls-Royce for Tokimeita no ni Through / DISTORTION

Kikka is ending the year with a bang by doing something that not many other idols have done: posing in a Rolls-Royce. It’s a surprising addition and one that appears to be the main focus for Tokimeita no ni Through. If you’re not that big into cars then you’ll be glad to see that DISTORTION is focused on Kikka, which is pretty awesome.

> STU48 set sail for their debut single Kurayami

Fans have been waiting for a long time for STU48, and thankfully the time has come for their debut MV. Responses are mixed with the MV having a typical AKB48 look and a lot of water. Check out this MV before they take it down again because of the dislikes!


This week we have Kamiyado and their MV for KYMD.

Are you into colorful idols standing on a rotating platform? Then you’re in luck since Kamiyado’s latest MV features just that, with a lot of random objects going around in circles. It’s an adorable video packed full of colors and fun that not many idol groups get to explore, so check it out below!


Fun bonus because it’s New Years, here’s another Kamiyado MV to enjoy, with a calmer sound and a lot of walking at night in reverse. It’s a pretty cool effect and one that works nicely with the sound of the upbeat ballad.

Hoshizora Kaerimichi

If you enjoyed that KMYD video then CLICK that CDJapan link below to grab their releases and support them:


That’s it for this week, happy new years and stay tuned for the next one!