Fujii Shuuka Is Leaving Flower, Retiring From Entertainment

flower fujii shuuka

Flower member Fujii Shuuka has announced that she will be leaving the group and also retiring from the entertainment industry.

As you might remember, Shuuka had gone on hiatus due to a spinal injury back in October. Unfortunately it seems like her injuries have worsened and will not heal soon so she has decided to leave all her activities. This includes her unit with Fujii Karen, ShuuKaren.

In a statement, she mentions her desire to join a different industry, most likely art, fashion, drawing, or photography. Here is the complete translation of her statement (credit: queenshuu):

Her retirement was effective on December 31st, 2017.

It’s sad to see her leave, but a spinal herniated disc is something that not many people can get through, much less a performer. Hopefully with her new choice in career she will be able to express herself in ways that allow her to heal. Best of luck Fujii Shuuka!

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