Tachibana Haruka Is Leaving Ange☆Reve Due To Panic Disorder

ange reve tachibana haruka

Tachibana Haruka, member of Ange☆Revewill be leaving the group due to panic disorder.

This was announced during a recent group live where she revealed that she had been going through symptoms of panic disorder since her debut. This ultimately made her miss several events, worrying fans and the other members.

She will remain under Arc Jewel, management for Ange☆Reve, as a soloist where she will focus on becoming a radio personality. After her departure, the only founding member of the group will be Sasaki Rika.

She will graduate March 11th.

Fans of ANGERME might relate to this situation since member Aikawa Maho also suffers from the same condition, ultimately graduating at the end of the year. Not surprisingly, Haruka has decided to do the same.

Hopefully with her new focus on becoming a radio personality she will be able to share her voice with fans in a more comfortable way. For now we wish the best to Haruka!


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