GANG PARADE Eat Some Sushi In “Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai”

gang parade breaking road

GANG PARADE eat some sushi in the MV for their track titled Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai.

Out February 20th, the single will be released in one edition.

GANG PARADE are no stranger to interesting MVs, with their latest release featuring a unique plot line. It’s packed full of love, fights, and plenty of sushi with an incredible take on Youtube’s ads.

By far the best part of this release is the song, it’s amazing. The electronic beat of the instrumental combined with the vocals help give this song a “wow that’s catchy” feel. In fact, I’ll probably be humming the song all day long because of the vocals.

Make sure to enjoy the song below and grab your copy of the single if you haven’t already!

Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai

gang parade breaking road cover



  2. Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai
  3. BREAKING THE ROAD (Instrumental)
  4. Toroi Kurau ni Tabetai (Instrumental)