Kaqriyo Terror Architect Combine Traditional And Modern In The MV For “Hide and Seek”

kaqriyo terror architect cultural mixing

Kaqriyo Terror Architect combine traditional and modern in the MV for Hide and Seek.

Out since March 14th, the track is part of their 1st full album titled Cultural Mixing.

With a name like Cultural Mixing, it comes as no surprise to see that Kaqriyo are experimenting with their sound with this release. In fact, the song alone is the clear standout of this MV with an amazing combination of folk instruments and hard rock. It’s simply an outstanding combination, making for a song that is sure to impress fans of the group.

Visually, we get to enjoy that same mixing theme with scenes of the group standing around with some people wearing headdresses. It’s a nice touch and adds a touch of color to each scene. Seriously, it’s awesome. Check it out below and grab a copy of their album to show your support!

Hide and Seek
Kaqriyo Terror Architect

kaqriyo terror architect cultural mixing cover



  1. Kagome Kagome
  2. Like a Fake
  3. Original Satire
  4. Makafushigi Zumu
  5. Iroha ni Collage
  6. Kakuriyo Kisou Kyoku
  7. Therefore?
  8. Hybrid TABOO
  9. Hide and Seek
  10. Oni Osamu Inu ma Ondo
  11. Never
  12. Yubikiri Genman

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