Bandjanaimon! Go Retro For “BORN TO BE IDOL” and Solve A Mystery In “Koisuru Kanzen Hanzai”

bandjanaimon born to be idol koisuru kanzen

Bandjanaimon! have released the MVs for their new double A-side single titled BORN TO BE IDOL / Koisuru Kanzen Hanzai.

Out May 9th, the single was produced by GLAY member Hisashi.

The Limited version of the single will feature 3 CDs and a Blu-ray, with the 2 additional CDs featuring several tracks from a live concert. The Blu-ray for that release will feature the MVs and Making Of videos for both songs. The Regular version will feature only 1 CD.

With that out of the way, how about we enjoy some Bandjanaimon! music?


With a title like BORN TO BE IDOL, it’s not surprising to see that this MV is full of callbacks to the older days of an idol. From the blurry camera shots to scenes of the members in old-fashioned outfits, there’s a bit here to enjoy for those who want a dose of vintage.

Having an old-fashioned MV means that you’ll have an old-fashioned song, right? Nope, the song is fairly modern with an upbeat sound to it which was a surprising twist. There are some elements here and there but for the most part, the song is a modern take on classic idol.

Koisuru Kanzen Hanzai

For Koisuru Kanzen Hanzai we get to see as the members of Bandjanaimon! solve a mystery regarding the death of Suzuhime Misako. Yes, the leader of the group appears dead next to a glass case and the other members have to solve the case by finding clues.

It’s a fairly well done MV with the song being the best part of the release. It has a rather epic sound to it that matches the visuals as the members act out the story. Of course, the visuals are all fairly well done as well, with lighting and the outfits all being of the best quality. Who did it? You’ll have to watch the MV to find out for yourself because the end is pretty … weird.

As for the single itself, I was pretty impressed with how it turned out. Both songs are amazingly well done and the MVs are outstanding There’s a bit here to enjoy for everyone so make sure to check both of them out. Also, grab yourself a copy of that single because it’s a must-have for fans!

bandjanaimon born to be idol koisuru kanzen cover limited


bandjanaimon born to be idol koisuru kanzen cover regular


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