Oyasumi Hologram Walk Around In “Sekai no Owari” and Get Colorized In “colors”

oyasumi hologram 4th album

Oyasumi Hologram have released the MVs for tracks from their 4th full album titled 4.

Out May 23rd, the singles for the tracks are already available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Oyasumi Hologram have been busy in the past few months and have recently announced the release of their latest album. Thankfully, they’ve also released 2 MVs for fans to enjoy and boy, are they good.

Sekai no Owari
Oyasumi Hologram

With a hypnotic sound, we get to enjoy as Oyasumi Hologram do normal everyday things, like walk around a field, go around a house, and point a gun at the camera. It’s a simple MV but it makes for a unique, almost dreamy experience that matches the upbeat ballad.

There’s also a random clip added to the MV, which is why it’s a tad on the longer side. In it we follow a guy (the camera man?) as he does some things. I’m not exactly sure why it’s in there but there are some background scenes of the members near the end as they filmed the MV which are worth a look.

Oyasumi Hologram

What happens when you turn a black and white scene into a colored one? Well, you get Oyasumi Hologram’s latest MV where they perform with a two-man band behind them. It’s a simple concept but one that shows the black and white scenes slowly be replaced by a colorful version of the same MV. The song is a bit more slow paced but it is one of those “you have to listen to it to see if you like it” kind of songs.

Overall, this release is well done and show off the more relaxed tone of their music. Is this album worth getting? Absolutely! It’s well worth grabbing a copy of it when it’s released. But, what if you’re impatient and need these songs right now? You’re in luck because they’re both already available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes to enjoy.

Make sure to check out those MVs and grab those songs below!

oyasumi hologram sekai no owari

itunes apple music

oyasumi hologram colors

itunes apple music

oyasumi hologram 4th album cover 4


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