Pour Lui Joins Billie Idle

billie idle pour lui

Former BiS member Pour Lui has joined Billie Idle.

When news was released about Pour Lui leaving BiS it shocked the world of alternative idols. Pour Lui had essentially built BiS into the group it is today, so seeing her go from the group she founded was a sad occasion for many fans.

But, that’s all changed with the recent announcement that she would be joining Billie Idle along with her former BiS partners First Summer Uika and Hirano Nosomi.

It’s a surprising move but one that’s welcome since it helps Billie Idle get the recognition it needs to grow. In fact, there’s already a new album in the works called BILLIed IDLE 2.0 which will be released on July 4th.

Her first performance with the group will be on June 6th and is appropriately titled WELCOME TO BILLIE IDLE. Make sure to go to it if you’re in the area!

Billie Idle OHP | Natalie.mu


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