Devil ANTHEM. Take Us Behind The Scenes In The Audio MV For “Ishin Denshin”

devil-anthem-nettaiyadevil anthem like a nettaiya

Devil ANTHEM. take us behind the scenes in the audio MV for Ishin Denshin.

Out May 23rd, the track is part of their latest single titled Like a Nettaiya.

After releasing the powerful MV for Like a Nettaiya, Devil ANTHEM. are back to fill our ears with more electronic beats. This time, we’re getting a taste of a rather interesting release. Instead of their devilishly good EDM, we get a song with a catchy Middle Eastern influence that is sure to have fans hooked.

Visually, we get to go behind the scenes of their latest MV. It’s a nice touch and one that shows off all the hard work that Devil ANTHEM. have been putting into their latest release. From concerts to random outings for ice cream, it’s a simple but fun release that lets the song shine.

Make sure to check out this casual release and grab a copy of their single to show your support!

Ishin Denshin

devil anthem like a nettaiya cover




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