SILENT SIREN Enjoy Summer In The MV For “19 summer note.”

silent siren 19 summer note

SILENT SIREN enjoy summer in the MV for their new single titled 19 summer note.

Out July 11th, the single will be released in Limited, Regular, and FC exclusive editions.

Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that they just made you stare at them in disbelief? Well, the guy in the latest SILENT SIREN MV knows that feeling as he desperately tries to get the attention of a woman who passes by him on a bike.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see the full story because it’s a short MV, but we do get a variety of cool shots of SILENT SIREN as they jam out in a backyard. The colors are vibrant and the members are smiling, making for a fun break from the story.

As for 19 summer note., it has a fun beat that’s sure to please those who are looking for a summer SILENT SIREN release. The instrumental is light, with a slight ballad touch to it that matches the theme of the MV perfectly.

Yes, the MV might be short, but it shows off how great the song sounds while also giving us a preview of the fun story that will be used. Make sure to check out the MV below and grab a copy of that single!

19 summer note.

silent siren 19 summer note cover limited


silent siren 19 summer note cover regular


silent siren 19 summer note cover fc exclusive